Established 1858

Lawyers to the Nelson region since 1858

Glasgow Harley was formed by the merger of two of Nelson's oldest and most respected law firms. It traces one branch (the Harley branch) back to 1858, just 16 years after the first settlers landed in Nelson. The other branch (the Glasgow branch) dates back to 1885. Two of our present lawyers have had fathers and grandfathers in the firm before them.


Jeremy Glasgow

Jeremy obtained his LLB from the University of Canterbury in 1975. He has been practicing law since 1980. Jeremy specialises in family law, relationship property, Lawyer for Child and in personal property matters. He is a District Inspector of Mental Health.

Susan Ritchie

Susan has practiced law since 1981. She specialises in relationship property, estate and trust law, family protection. She is also available for advice on wills, residential and farm conveyancing and small business establishment. In her spare time Susan enjoys swimming, skiing and spending family holidays boating in the Sounds.

Jon Tidswell (Jr)

Jon has been practicing Law since 1986 in Wellington, Napier and more recently Nelson. He joined the firm in 2015 and specialises in Commercial Law, Financing and Business transactions. Jon has a particular interest in rural and aquaculture law.

Heather McKinnon

Heather obtained her LLB (Hons) and BA from Victoria University in 2000 and after raising her family she commenced practising as a lawyer in 2010. Heather specialises in family law. This includes care of children, family violence, lawyer for child, care and protection of children, protection of personal and property rights, relationship property and family protection. She also provides advice on employment law.

Gerhard Engelbrecht

Gerhard obtained his LLB and BCom from the University of Otago in 2008. Gerhard is experienced with property and commercial law (including property and business transactions and commercial disputes), family protection, relationship property, employment and civil law.


David Earle

David has practised as a Solicitor in Wellington and Nelson since 1975 and specialises in property and commercial transactions. He also provides advice for business transactions, subdivisions, residential and rural conveyancing and financing.

Brian Nelson

Brian, who was been in practice since 1972 is very experienced in dealing with property and commercial transactions. He also has many years experience with business transactions, subdivisions, residential and rural property advice and financing. His cornerstone is reliable, sound advice.

Tim Harley

Tim is a 6th generation Nelsonian from the brewery side of the Harley family. He specialises in providing advice regarding family business establishment and management, estate planning, aged and employment law and residential and rural conveyancing.



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