Established 1858

Lawyers to the Nelson region since 1858

Client Information


For some standard matters we have basic charges but those charges will be increased where additional time is involved. Otherwise our fees are based on the range of factors applied by the NZ Law Society, including time, expertise, importance, urgency and results achieved. We also charge for disbursements (court fees, registrations, duties/levies etc) and travel expenses incurred on your behalf. These will be itemised separately and we will notify you if any fees or disbursements need to be paid for in advance. A list of the rates of any lawyers working for you is available at any time.

Billing Arrangements

Accounts are payable within 1 month of receipt unless we have agreed otherwise. If you wish to discuss a payment arrangement please contact the solicitor acting for you as soon as possible.

Overdue Accounts

In the absence of a pre agreed payment arrangement our process for overdue accounts is the following:

  • If you do not pay your account within 2 months we will send you a warning that the account will be referred to debt collection;
  • If you do not pay your account within 3 months the account will be sent to debt collection or an application will be made to the District Court for Summary Judgement;
  • The costs of debt collection and any Court fees or costs which attach will be payable to you.

We may deduct from funds held on your behalf any fees, disbursements or expenses for which we have provided an invoice. If you wish to pay by Credit Card please contact our office Accountant. Where an account (including any interim account) is overdue and unpaid, we have the right to cease work on that or any other matters for you.

Legal Aid

We have 2 solicitors in the firm who undertake Family Legal Aid. If you think you may qualify for legal aid please do not hesitate to ask us about this.

Terms of Engagement

Lawyers are obligated to provide an engagement letter to all clients.  This will be provided to you when obtaining our services.